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Why become an electrician?




Average Salary for
Other Careers: $47,230




The Demand for Electricians is DOUBLE the Average Demand

for All Other Jobs




Average College 
Student Debt: $28,950

Being an electrician is having a career
that CANNOT be outsourced

Your electrical education begins at the Mid-South IEC's Training Center. But your learning is not confined to the classroom, you will get an interactive experience in real world labs. IEC students are taught through apprenticeships, which allow you to learn in class then immediately apply your skills at a full-time job. Apprentices earn a salary while attending an IEC school and graduate debt free!  NO STUDENT LOANS REQUIRED!


In the electrical field, your work is rewarded. Not only does the exciting electrical industry pay you more than average jobs, the demand for new electricians in the next decade is DOUBLE the national baseline, creating instant job security.
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Build your future as you
earn while you learn

As an electrician, you control your own destiny. You are immediately in position to work in a highly technical environment. As your career blossoms, you will be on a path to lead a team that designs the buildings of tomorrow. Take the power in your own hands by becoming a boss and starting your own company.

Develop a career and accelerate your future 

Your exciting career as an electrician puts cutting-edge technology in your hands and places you in one of America's most in-demand occupations. As our reliance on energy sources grows, so does the need for skilled electricians. Say goodbye to your job and start your career!

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